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  • Wednesday: Breathwork: Purify the Mind

    A breathwork practice for whenever you need to clear your thoughts and purify the mind!

    Practitioner: Anna Stasiuk IG: @holistichoneyca

  • Sunday: Breathwork: Glow Breath

    Enjoy a 5-minute practice designed to release toxins from the body, leading to a GLOW from the inside out!

    Practitioner: Anna Stasiuk IG: @holistichoneyca

  • Breathwork: Winter Pranayam

    Learn how to align with the natural rhythms of nature when the modern world feels overwhelming. Practice ancient breathing techniques to support your mind and body during Winter with our breathwork expert Holistic Honey.

  • Breathwork: Daily Dose

    Using the powers of the breath to prepare your mind + body for enhanced focus and mental clarity throughout the day

  • Wednesday: Breathwork: Ground Yourself Now

    In this quick session, we use the power of breathwork and music to guide you into a grounded state no matter where you are, or what your environment is. This session will allow you the opportunity to tap into that flow state of awareness and “breathe” any anxiety and fears out of your body and mi...

  • Breathwork: Remove Limiting Beliefs

    Remove limiting beliefs and release old patterns that stop you from achieving your goals and becoming the best version of yourself. Use the breath to get you in a meditative, rhythmic state and unlock the physical and mental blockages.

  • Breathwork: Softer Sleep

    Down regulated breathing to put you in a relaxed state, ready for a full nights rest!

  • Breathwork: Reset & Restore

    Rest and restore the mind and body through guided breathwork!

  • Sunday: Breathwork: Seasonal Reset

    Enjoy a calming breathwork by Holistic Honey designed to help you reset as we transition seasons into Fall

  • Breathwork: Embracing Change

    Enjoy this breathwork by Holistic Honey designed to help you embrace seasons of change by letting go of control.

  • Breathwork: Relax the Mind & Unwind

    Let go of the day and unwind the mind with this gentle restorative breathwork guided by Holistic Honey!

  • Breathwork: Calm the Chaos

    The Holidays can be a stressful time when everything feels overwhelming and your nervous system can't catch a break. Use this breathwork to calm the chaos, slow everything down and come back into the present moment with the power of your breath.

  • Breathwork: Self Love

    A calming breathwork track designed to open your heart and connect to the love you hold within!