Week 2 of the Glow Up Challenge is here! Follow each series in order Monday-Sunday with Saturday being a rest day (no scheduled video - we recommend an outdoor activity!)

Mindfulness series are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but do them as you please! Tuesday 8am est live community workout:

Monday: 36 Min Full Body Sculpt *new* & Meditate
Tuesday: 27 Min Tone & Flow *new* or 8am Live Workout
Wednesday: 27 Min Arms & Abs *new* + Meditate
Thursday: 32 Min Tone + Flow
Friday: 33 Min Legs & Booty Sculpt + Meditate
Saturday: 30/60 Min Outdoor Walk/Run
Sunday: 8 Min Abs + Meditate

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support [email protected]. Happy moving and breathing beauties xx

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  • Monday: Ignite Your Inner Glow Meditation

    Breathe into an expanded and embodied version of yourself, the version that glows from the inside out!

  • 36 Min Full Body Sculpt *new*

    Sculpt and strengthen your full body while getting your heart rate up w/ this total body series! Warmup and cool down included, recommended for all fitness levels.

    *music and exercise list included*

    Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells or weighted objects and ankle weights are optional

  • Thursday: 27 Min Tone + Flow *new*

    Tone and flow your way through a low impact full body series focussed on sculpting! Recommended for all fitness levels.

    *music included*

    Recommended equipment: ankle weights, light hand weights

  • Breathwork: Ground Yourself Now

    In this quick session, we use the power of breathwork and music to guide you into a grounded state no matter where you are, or what your environment is. This session will allow you the opportunity to tap into that flow state of awareness and “breathe” any anxiety and fears out of your body and mi...

  • Wednesday: 27 Min Arms & Abs *new*

    Sculpt and strengthen your arms and core with this upper body series! Recommended for all fitness levels, warmup and cool down included.

    *music included*

    Recommended equipment: light & medium set of dumbbells or household objects

  • 32 Min Tone + Flow

    Tone and flow your way through a low impact, body weight series strengthening mind + body! Music included.

    Recommended equipment: Ankle weights, light hand weights

  • Nervous System Regulating Meditation

    Enjoy a nature visualization coupled with a breathing technique that will soothe and calm your nervous system quickly and effectively.

    [Fun Fact: Did you know that listening to bird sounds calms your nervous system? It is based in neuroscience and our primal understanding that when birds are chi...

  • Friday: 33 Min Legs + Booty Sculpt

    This lower body series incorporates strength, cardio and precise activation for a killer workout! Recommended for all fitness levels, warmup and cool down included.

    Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells or household weighted objects, booty band

    Suggested Spotify Playlists Curated by Kelsey: https://...

  • Sunday: Breathwork: Seasonal Reset

    Enjoy a calming breathwork by Holistic Honey designed to help you reset as we transition seasons into Fall

  • 8 Min Abs

    Snatch up the waistline and burn out the core with this 8 min power ab series! This series is done bodyweight, no equipment needed.

    *music and exercise list included*