Wellness Hypnosis

Wellness Hypnosis

If you’ve tried meditation, these recordings won’t feel much different to you. Each one will be relaxing and will cover a different topic to tap into. You can listen to the recording before you go to sleep at night and let yourself drift off into a restful night’s sleep. You can also listen during the day or first thing in the morning, but I know how challenging it can be to find those few quiet, uninterrupted minutes during our already full days. I am also including a Panic SOS recording, that you can keep with you in case you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with distressing, strong feelings.

Hypnosis can be described as an effective, guided meditation. Your subconscious mind will listen to my suggestions, but you are always in total control and won’t adopt any changes that you don’t feel serve you. If you fall asleep while listening, it’s ok, your subconscious will still hear the words and respond.


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Wellness Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis: Sleep with Serotonin

    Sleep is one of the most important components of our wellness. If we’re exhausted, we can’t accomplish anything. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or are just looking for a deep, restful sleep, this is the recording for you. The background music for this recording are alph...

  • Hypnosis: Compassion

    This recording guides you to foster compassion which is an important component to forgiveness. A feeling of compassion helps us feel closer social relationships, lowers stress, and helps improve our self-esteem. It is accompanied by healing music using 852 hz frequency which is used in sound ther...

  • Hypnosis: Gratitude

    Consciously practicing gratitude can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. There are reports that a single act of thoughtful gratitude can give you an immediate 10% increase in happiness, and 35% reduction in depressive symptoms. I’ve added calming waves sounds to accompany this session which al...

  • Hypnosis: Stress Management

    I haven’t met anyone who couldn’t benefit from stress management assistance! (Myself included!) Listening to this hypnosis recording can help you relax and manage the stress that everyday life brings. It’s accompanied by 432hz sound frequencies which have been associated with lowering blood press...

  • Hypnosis: Motivation & Confidence

    We can all use a little helpful nudge with our confidence and motivation. This hypnosis recording will guide you through a session to do just that. It is accompanied by sound waves at 888hz which is associated with abundance, prosperity, and karma - what we put in the world is what will come back...

  • Hypnosis: PANIC SOS

    This is a short bonus hypnosis recording to keep with you on your smartphone for those times that you feel like you need it. It can be used with many strong difficult emotions that you want to rid yourself of. I’ve found it really useful in ‘those’ times that I want to calm down so I can think cl...

  • Hypnosis: Mind Relationship w/ Food

    Listen along to this hypnosis session to foster a healthy relationship with food and your body image. We should try to look at food for all the goodness that it brings into our lives and try to get rid of the guilt and fear that many of us feel. Food is primarily our body’s fuel, but it is so muc...