Week 3 of the Glow Up Challenge is here! Follow each series in order Monday-Sunday with Saturday being a rest day (no scheduled video - we recommend an outdoor activity!)

Mindfulness series are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but do them as you please! Tuesday 8am est live community workout: https://amazon.com/live/broadcast/255ed890-4385-45a2-86ee-c38d10b2ab45?tag=kelseyroseher-20&linkCode=ilv&ref_=social

34 Min Full Body Sculpt & Meditate
38 Min Tone & Flow *new* or 8am Live Workout
27 Min Arms & Abs *new* + Meditate
33 Min Tone + Flow
39 Min Lower Body Sculpt *new* + Meditate
30/60 Min Outdoor Walk/Run
9 Min Abs + Meditate

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support [email protected]. Happy moving and breathing beauties xx

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  • Get Up and Glow Meditation

    Leave the stress, worry, doubt and fear behind and walk into a more magnetic, abundant, confident, empowered, sexy self!

  • 34 Min Full Body Sculpt

    Tone and strengthen the full body with this sculpt series incorporating resistance work! Warmup included, recommended for all fitness levels.

    *music and exercise list included*

    Recommended equipment: Light & medium set of weights

  • 38 Min Tone & Flow

    Tone and flow your way through a low impact full body series focussed on sculpting! Recommended for all fitness levels.

    *music included*

    Recommended equipment: ankle weights, light hand weights

  • Breathwork: Purify the Mind

    A breathwork practice for whenever you need to clear your thoughts and purify the mind!

    Practitioner: Anna Stasiuk IG: @holistichoneyca

  • 27 Min Arms & Abs

    Sculpt and strengthen your arms and core with this upper body series! Recommended for all fitness levels, warmup and cool down included.

    *music included*

    Recommended equipment: light & medium set of dumbbells or household objects

  • 33 Min Tone + Flow

    A firey tone + flow series focussed on strengthening and lengthening the full body! Recommended for all fitness levels.

    Recommended Equipment: Ankle weights (optional)

    Suggested Spotify Playlists Curated by Kelsey: https://open.spotify.com/user/e4mfh5b1lso2w8au031vgwy3z?si=AvMexx5RTrWKy11P40NSEQ

  • Friday: Walking Meditation

    Move into a present, grateful and calm state with this Mindful Walking Meditation!

  • 39 Min Lower Body Sculpt

    Fire up the booty and legs with this lower body sculpt series! Recommended for all fitness levels, warmup and cool down included.

    *music included*

    Recommended Equipment: Medium dumbbells, booty band

  • Breathwork: Glow Breath

    Enjoy a 5-minute practice designed to release toxins from the body, leading to a GLOW from the inside out!

    Practitioner: Anna Stasiuk IG: @holistichoneyca

  • 9 Min Abs

    Fire up sculpt the core with this quickie body weight ab series!

    Suggested Spotify Playlist Curated by Kelsey: https://open.spotify.com/user/e4mfh5b1lso2w8au031vgwy3z?si=AvMexx5RTrWKy11P40NSEQ